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General Information: Angora Peak is the steep peak just to the northwest of Angora Lakes. It is a great place to hike up for a quick workout and some excellent views. From the summit, you can see Angora Lakes to the southeast and the full length of Fallen Leaf Lake with Lake Tahoe and Mount Rose in the background. Echo Peak, another fine Desolation Peak is just along the ridge and can be hiked to fairly easily from Angora to make a loop of the climb. To the west is the high country of Desolation Wilderness. Mount Tallac dominates the view to the north.

The trip to the top is mostly steep hiking with a bit of 3rd class (hands and feet) scrambling to attain the summit.

Click here to view a trail map and route profiles.

Where To Start:

Summer: There are two place to start this hike. The shortest is from the lower parking lot of Angora Lakes. From the "Y" in South Lake Tahoe, head out North Upper Truckee, turn right on Tahoe Mountain Road, then right on Glenmore, quick left on Dundee and finally left on Tahoe Mountain Road. Look for a left turn onto a dirt road. Follow this road to its end and park.

The second start is from Fallen Leaf Lake and adds quite a bit of climbing to the ascent. The trail is difficult to find, but starts near the new firehouse near the end of Fallen Leaf Lake Road.

Winter: In the winter, start this tour from the top of Tahoe Mountain as described in the Angora Lakes ski tour.

Trail Description:

From the Angora Parking Lot: There is no trail for most of this hike. From the parking lot, there is a wide trail that heads north towards Fallen Leaf Lake. Follow this trail until you are on the ridge. If you start to descend, you've gone too far. Turn west and ascend the ridge. There is more open hiking and little Manzanita on the north side of the ridge. As you get closer to the summit the peak steepens and larger boulder fields appear. The final 300 feet is 3rd class (hands and feet required) scrambling. Caution must be used in this section and some people may not feel confident enough to continue.

From Fallen Leaf Lake: The description is the same except for the trail hiking up to the ridge which adds 800 feet of elevation gain.

Winter Ascents: Again, the description is the same as above, except the approach is much longer. You will start by skiing up Angora Ridge Road. For more information on this, see the Angora Lakes Ski Tour. A great ski tour is up Angora Ridge Road to Angora Peak, down the north face of Angora Peak all the way to Fallen Leaf Lake, then out Fallen Leaf Lake Road to Tahoe Mountain Road and your car. This is a long tour!

Environmental Concerns: Off trail hiking requires extra care not to damage ground cover plants. At this elevation, the plants are slow to recover.

Advisory: The climbing at the top of the peak is steep and requires route finding and 3rd class (hands and feet scrambling) which only you can determine whether or not is safe for your ability. When in doubt, back out! In the winter, this area may have extreme avalanche danger. Be sure to check the avalanche forecast before you go and always use safe winter back country travel techniques.

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