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General Information: The Power Line Trail is one of the finest intermediate mountain bike rides on the South Shore. The entire ride from Ski Run to Oneidas is about 7miles one way taking a little over an hour to complete. The trail is a winding single track for the first 5 miles turning into a dirt road and ending on a paved road.While this ride is good from either direction, we favor the Ski Run start.

Where To Start: This ride begins at the top of Ski Run Blvd. at the end of Saddle Road. Go all the way up Ski Run turning right on Saddle. Be sure to obey the parking restrictions as the police will ticket here. Follow the signs to the trailhead.

Click for a trail map and vertical profile

Trail Description: There are many side trails and trail merges on this ride, but the main trail is usually obvious and is marked with signs in most questionable places. The ride begins with a short climb then proceeds lower through a series of swales. It meanders through pine forest and across two seasonal streams. The trail then travels parallel up stream along Cold Creek.

Keep your eyes open for a branch of trail that leads right and down to a bridge over Cold Creek. If you come to a log fence and you have not yet crossed the stream, you've gone too far. After crossing Cold Creek, climb out of the drainage keeping to the main trail. The trail will become wider here and begin a gradual descent. Watch for a left turn after about 3/10ths of a mile (poorly marked). This leads to perhaps the best part of this ride, a banked single track heading down into the next drainage. Climb out of the drainage and intersect the power lines. The trail gets broader from here and stays under the power lines. You'll then cross a bridge (Trout Creek) and come to an open area with a dirt road leading off to the left. Follow this trail staying right until it merges with a paved road. Turning right on this road will take you to the gate at Oneidas. If you did not shuttle a car, stay on the Power Line Trail across a second bridge then descend towards a power station. Near the bottom of the short descent, take a single track that lead back up along the fence-line of some houses. This will intersect Pioneer Trail at Washoan. Turn right onto Pioneer and follow it all the way back to Needle (or Ski Run) and back to your car. Another possibility is to ride back on the Powerline Trail, a much more scenic, if longer alternative.

Environmental Concerns: Powerline Trail crosses many seasonal creeks do not have bridges and which saturate the soil during the the spring run-off. Please avoid the tempation to go around every wet area as this increases trail width and causes erosion.

Advisory: This ride is completely on government land, but comes close to many private areas. The property owners on either side of the trail can be very protective of their property so please stay off their land.


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