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General Information: This fantastic piece of single track is a perfect extension to the Flume Trail. Mostly ridden from north to south, it adds 7.5 miles of fine riding with the added bonus of more downhill than uphill. The section can be ridden by itself also, coming down Tunnel Creek Road to Highway 28 or you can continue south on the Tahoe Rim Trail to Marlette Lake and on to Spooner Summit adding mileage and climbing to the ride.

NOTE: This section of the Rim Trail is open to mountain bikes on even days only (i.e. 2nd, 4th, etc.)

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Where To Start: This ride can be done either direction. From the South, park at Spooner Summit and follow the directions for the Flume Trail. Coming from the north, start at the Tahoe Meadows trailhead and follow the signs to the Tahoe Rim Trail. You can also finish this ride by coming down Tunnel Creek Road. Most people shuttle a car leaving one at Spooner Lake and the other at the Mt. Rose Highway.

Trail Description: This trail is a real treat for single track enthusiasts with nice smooth sections that allow for some speed, mixed with some intermediate technical sections to test your ability. If you start at Mt. Rose, you get more downhill than uphill which makes this section of the trail go quickly. Along the way, you can anticipate stellar views of both Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley. In one spot, you can see both simultaneously! The terrain is mostly open with some nice forest stands as well. The trail is obvious once you find it at the Tahoe Meadows parking area. There are no turnoffs along the way. Once you reach Tunnel Creek Road, you have three options. (1) If you have had enough riding, you can head down Tunnel Creek Road, a nice steep 3 mile downhill that will lead to Highway 28 just north of Sand Harbor. (2) If you want more riding, but not much hill climbing, you can turn right onto Tunnel Creek Road and head downhill for 1/4 mile to the Flume Trail (don't zip by the turn), or (3) if you are still feeling good, continue on the Tahoe Rim Trail to the south which will eventually lead to Marlette Lake (11 miles, good climbs) where it intercepts the Flume Trail ride. Anyway you ride it, this is memorable mountain biking.

Environmental Concerns: Remember, good mountain bike riders "Ride it, don't slide it!" Stay in control to avoid skidding.

Advisory: The alternate day schedule is due to conflicts with equestrians, so please be extremely courteous when you meet either hikers or horse people on the trail. With hikers, don't sneak up on them and zip by, instead, give them plenty of warning then slow to nearly a stop before passing. With horses, YOU stop, get off your bike and get your bike off the trail, and let them pass.


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