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General Information: The kayaking around Timbercove is very convenient with rentals, lessons, and easy paddling. This is a great place if you have never paddled before. This location is in the center of town, so it can be a bit congested, but once away from the shore, the scenery is fine and the paddling interesting.



Where To Start: Timbercove resort is located in mid-town, across from Safeway and behind the Smart & Final. From the "Y", head toward the casinos. Look for the Safeway and, just past this, make a left turn into Timbercove Resort. Drive to the back of the resort and park. The put-in and rentals are at the pier.


Description: The paddling here is straight forward. You can go either direction from Timbercove. To the west, is the Ledbetter meadow and the Tahoe Keys. Beyond that, it is possible to paddle to Emerald Bay, but this is a long paddle usually against the wind. A better idea is to paddle farther out onto the lake and look to the west where the rugged beauty of Mt. Tallac and Desolation Wilderness will amaze you. If you head east from Timbercove, you will quickly come to the Ski Run Marina, home of the Tahoe Queen Sternwheeler. Don't get in the way of this monster, she cannot stop or turn quickly to avoid you! A little farther on, you will see the Edgewood Golf Course and its green hills as they tumble toward the water. Farther yet is Nevada Beach.

Timbercove also has a nice beach on which to relax or have a picnic in-between paddles. Kayak rentals are available through Kayak Tahoe right there at the pier, making this one of the most convenient kayak areas.

Environmental Concerns: Paddle it in, paddle it out.

Advisory: Like all kayaking on Lake Tahoe, you must exercise caution when around power boats. The people driving the power boats may very well never have set foot in a boat before, let along been behind the wheel. Combine this with some alcohol, get the picture. As a non-power craft, you have the right of way according to the "Rules of the Road", but a lot of good that does you when you get hit!


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