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General Information: The flat trails encompassing the area around the Tallac Historic Site, Valhalla, the Visitor Center, and Visitor Center Beach on Lake Tahoe's South Shore provide some wonderful trails for the novice cross country skier. Along with flat terrain, you also get million dollar lake, mountain, and meadow views. For a family with children, beginner skiers, or anyone who wants to get a grand view of Mt. Tallac and Lake Tahoe, this area offers many pleasures.


Where To Start: From the "Y" in South Shore, drive 3 miles north on highway 89 and park in the Sno-Park just past the Taylor Creek bridge (permit required-available at the South "Y" Shell Station). You may be able to park at the closed gate at the Visitor Center Road if there is space and snow removal conditions are not in effect. The trails start at the gates to the Visitor's Center.

Trail Description: If you parked at the Sno-park, cross highway 89 and ski along the bike trail back towards the Visitor Center. There is almost always a trail at the Visitor Center gate, however, there might also be a trail just after you cross Taylor Creek heading towards the lake. If there is, follow this trail along the creek past the Stream Profile Chamber and through leafless groves of Aspen. The trail will then leave the creek and head toward the Visitor Center. From the Visitor Center, a trail heads towards Lake Tahoe and Visitor Center Beach where you can take in inspiring views of Lake Tahoe and Mt. Tallac. From the beach, a trail is usually laid just back from the shore all the way to the Tallac Historic Site. Here you can ski past the old summer homes of San Francisco's rich and famous all the way to Valhalla, a bequtiful timber and stone building.

There are many variations in this area, making it easy to tailor your ski tour to your ability and condition. From the Visitor Center to the beach and back is under 1 mile, while a full loop of the entire area is closer to 3 miles. To extend the tour even farther, cross back over highway 89 at Fallen Leaf Lake Road and head over to Fallen Leaf Lake and Taylor Creek.

Environmental Concerns: Pack it in, pack it out!

Advisory: Park so as not to interfere with snow removal!


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