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General Information: Grass Lake at Luther Pass is a wonderful beginner nordic ski area. The Lake, which in the summer is mostly a few small ponds surrounded by boggy grass, is flat and wide with gorgeous alpine views. Although not officially maintained, often someone before you will have packed down a track around the area allowing you to enjoy the tour without having to break trail. For the more advanced telemark skiers, Waterhouse Peak in this same area provides some classic powder and tree skiing.


Where To Start: From South Lake Tahoe, to get to Luther Pass (Highway 89), drive west on US 50 from the "Y" and turn left on Highway 89 towards Hope Valley and Kirkwood Ski Resort. Follow 89 up towards Luther Pass until it flattens out at Grass Lake. Park in the large turn-out on the right side of the road and ski down to the lake. During snow removal conditions, it may be illegal to park along this road.

Trail Description: The trail here is ... where ever you want to go. If someone has come before you, just follow their tracks. If the tracks don't go where you want to go, make your own! In general, the people often ski around and across the meadow, but all the area around and over the "lake" is good skiing with fine views. For more challenging hills, stay in the trees at the west end of the meadow. Again, there are usually trails already made by previous skiers. If you find yourself heading uphill steeply, you are probably on the trail to Waterhouse Peak!

Environmental Concerns: Pack it in, pack it out!

Advisory: If you head up any steep areas, you need to evaluate the snow stability!

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